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Jan 2017   -   Brute forcing your next domain name
Convert Wordpress to static PDQ
Mar 2016   -   Ok, today let’s kill off a wordpress site before it gets hacked and leave up a static unhackable version of the site, note that using this method you can archive any publicly available site, be it wordpress, joomla, drupal, some proprietary CMS that you have grown to hate, whatever, whenever.
Feb 2016   -   Download from all the sources at once
Text Editors And Code
Jan 2016   -   One universal question I can ask any programmer is, what text editor do you use? Easily the most important tool in the programmers toolkit is the text editor. Nothing will make you faster and more powerful than knowing how to quickly and efficiently edit text.
Persistent Icinga2 Docker on RaspberryPi Cluster

Icinga2 is a next gen fork of Nagios, to continue playing with it you might want a little bit of persistence

Happy Habitica

BOMs Away!!! 
Dec 2015   -   Make BOMs go away because they are ugly and ruining my jekyll site
Proseio as CMS

Local Jessie for Raspberrypi ARM and the tinfoil hat sporting security nuts

Create a local jessie base image from which to stem your debian based containers so they’ll work on ARM and other platforms and for increased security

Build your own Drone
Dec 2015   -   Why pay lots of money for a toy you KNOW you are going to break?
RaspberryPi Docker Cluster Consul Swarm

build a raspberrypi docker swarm cluster with ease repeatably

PhantomJS on ARM
Dec 2015   -   Why is phantomjsj not on ARM? No clue, do I care, no?
OpenStack Summit 2015

scrapture SCReen cAPTURE
Dec 2015   -   Record your desktop using avconv right from x11grab
Getting Started With Jekyll
Dec 2015   -   Build a modern website using the static generator from Ruby
Prose Configuration
Dec 2015   -   Once you configure prose it becomes much more user friendly.
Jekyll Default Configs
Dec 2015   -   Let’s add some default configs to jekyll so that when people add a new post without the YAML front matter it will still get a default layout etc
Jekyll Debug
Dec 2015   -   Let’s pick apart Jekyll’s brain today
Changing Jekyll Categories And Redirects
Dec 2015   -   Who gets the category right the first time around?
0 to 60 in Markdown
Dec 2015   -   What is markdown?
Super Simple Sharing Buttons

Easily generate and add social media share buttons to your site

Nov 2015   -   Best practices for long running commands
Zooming Text just like

Let’s add the zooming text up top for eye catching animation on our main index page

Two Column Content Rasmus Style

Rasmus Andersson has a great two column stack of his posts let’s duplicate it

Tags and Cats
Nov 2015   -   Let's make an index page for both our categories and tags for our jekyll blog
Facebook Comments and Jekyll
Nov 2015   -   Using jekyll with Facebook Comments was not quite as easy as disqus, but.....
Non Profit Hackproof Blog PDQ
Nov 2015   -   So I wanted to show a friend of mine that a static website can be a much better experience than starting out with a php/mysql based website.
Icinga2 Docker

Today we’re going to be experimenting with adding Icinga2 to our Monitoring setup

Nov 2015   -   Here’s an easy one, to add code hilighting to your jekyll site...
Disqus and Jekyll
Nov 2015   -   Using jekyll with disqus is quite easy, you merely need to add some lines to your `_layouts/post.html`

Do you need an ELK stack in a hurry....

Docker Chef Solo
Nov 2015   -   Need to test a chef recipe or role? I have a docker image for that:
Nov 2015   -   While playing around with docker swarm and following the official walkthrough: